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Posted on: December 13, 2008 12:28 am

Does anyone else get tired of T.O. and all of his antics? This guy is a piece of crap. He destroys every team he is on. Why can't he just shut his mouth and play football? Maybe if he would play every play instead of complaining he would do much better. T.O. is only good when he is wide open. He is not the go to guy in any situation. If I was Romo I wouldn't throw him the ball either in critical situations because he will either drop the ball or not completely run the route. He is afraid to go over the middle and is afraid of contact. The only time he shines is when he does a double move and outruns coverage. T.O. doesn't get you the tough yards. He complains when the loose and celebrates when they win because he thinks he is the best receiver ever. The only thing T.O. is good for is a split clubhouse. He is your typical a hole. Of cousre Dallas likes him because Jerry Jones will take any player to win no matter what the consequences are see PacMan Jones as well as other Cryboys. He is not a team player and only thinks of himself. Maybe that is why his teams are unsuccessful in big games. I hope this S.O.B never wins anything because he is selfish and a a hole attention seeker. I wouldn't want him on my team no matter what. He is not a complete player only a complete complainer. T.O. shut up and take your riches somewhere where people and fans actually care about your sorry arse. T.O. is a joke and will destroy the cryboys... not like they need anymore help. I guess it will be another year watching the playoffs for T.O. and the Cryboys.

T.O. needs a wake up call from someone and I don't think even God could talk sense into this piece of crap.

T.O. celebrated when he scored against the Steelers.. WOW 3 catches for 32 yards and a TD. His celebration didn't last long as the Steelers showed what a real team does for 60 minutes and not for 1 play. I think Hines Ward has had atleast 32 yards in every game he has played. T.O. you suck and deserve every frustrating year that you play in the NFL. Stop crying and realize that the world doesn't revolve around your sorry arse.

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